Common Questions and Answers

How much is it for a consultation?

Dr. Harris, or one of his associates, will meet with you for free to discuss the Utah Medical Cannabis program and determine if it would be appropriate for you to obtain a card from the State.  If during the consultation it is decided that you wish to obtain a card, the charge is $165 from the clinic.  The state also charges a fee of $15.  Our renewal appointments cost $165 for a six month renewal card and $180 for a one year renewal card.

What is the process like to obtain a medical cannabis card?

You will come in to the clinic and meet with Dr. Harris or one of his associates.  If, after the consultation, you wish to submit your application to the State of Utah for a medical cannabis card, we will help you with that process.  The application should be completed after your visit to our clinic.  If all goes smoothly, the process should take less than 30 minutes.  The first appointment in our clinic must, by law, be in person.  A renewal can be done over the phone for patients who are able to easily access and navigate the Utah State Electronic Verification System (EVS).  Don’t worry if you find the EVS system challenging.  You are not alone in that.  It is no problem for us to see you in our clinic, in person, and help you go through the renewal process.  One item that is necessary to complete your application is some form of Utah State ID such as a driver’s license or an ID Card from the state of Utah.  The law was written to protect residents and those who are citizens of the state of Utah.

How long does a medical cannabis card last?

The first Utah state medical cannabis card is for 6 months.  It will then need to be renewed either by returning to our clinic or by scheduling a renewal consultation with us over the phone.  The duration of a renewal card is left up to the individual providers in the state of Utah.  Almost all of our patients qualify for a one year renewal card, after the first six month card.

When is the clinic open?

We are available every day to hear from you by email or by phone.  We are available in person only on clinic days.  Click HERE to make an appointment for your consultation.

Does the clinic accept insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare?

We would be happy to accept all payment options, although currently there are no insurances or government health care programs that cover the cost of a medical cannabis consultation.  We accept payment by credit card, debit card, health savings card, or cash.

Do I qualify for a medical cannabis card with the medical problem that I have?

There are a number of medical problems that qualify for a medical cannabis card.  The most common is chronic pain.  The second most common is PTSD.  It would be best to make an appointment to speak with Dr. Harris or one of his associates about it.  If, after the consultation, you are not a candidate for participation in the Utah Medical Cannabis program, there will be no charge for the visit.  Please visit the page on this website called Cannabis Data to learn more about the diagnosis that are included in the law.

How long does it take to obtain my card?

After we submit for a card on your behalf it is usually received within on hour of competing the process.  The card is sent to you via email from the State of Utah.

Can I lose my job if I fail a drug test at work?

This depends on the policy of your employer.  It is legal for an employer to dismiss an employee when there are concerns that the use of medical cannabis and/or other drugs are negatively affecting their work performance.

I received an email stating that my card will expire.  What do I have to do next?

The cards expire either in 6 months or in one year.  The cards need to be renewed by either returning to our clinic, or setting up a renewal consultation over the phone.

Where is the nearest dispensary to where I live?

If you live in Cache Valley, the only dispensary in this area is “The Flower Shop” previously called “The Perfect Earth”.  It is located at 2150 North Main St. Suite #1, North Logan, UT 84341.  Phone number is (385) 289-1800 (ext. 2).  Your medical cannabis card will allow you to utilize any dispensary in the state of Utah.

I am under 21.  Can I still obtain a medical cannabis card?

Yes.  You can still obtain a card although the process is significantly more difficult.  Your request for a card will be reviewed by a group of health care providers that work for the State of Utah called the Compassionate Use Board.  They will need to justify the issuance of the card by reviewing your medical history in depth.  For example, they will want to receive communication from your primary care physician indicating that they are in favor of the use of medical cannabis for your medical conditions.  It may also be necessary to provide a letter from a psychiatrist, or therapist if the indication is PTSD.  Some of our patients become frustrated with the process and simply choose to wait until they turn 21.  Others complete the process and some of them receive a card.


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